People and Projects

The best of project management and change management strategies

Making changes in a business is extremely challenging as teams are often asked to forge ahead into new territory and frequently switch directions as new information comes to light. In what can be a highly stressful and emotive environment, managing teams as well as timelines can be complex.

clear decisions™ People and Projects workshop will give you the tools to manage projects and the people within them. You'll learn how to use engaging and motivational strategies to make organisational changes 'stick' as well as techniques for helping people cope with the unpredictable nature of the process.

This program combines project and change management principles with the more human elements of change, including behaviour, mindset and cultural aspects. Topics covered in the program include:

  • planning and designing transformation
  • engaging and motivating stakeholders
  • testing and implementing changes
  • fostering new behaviours and cultural shifts
  • embedding changes within the organisation.

A new approach which combines the best of both worlds, People and Projects training will help you to respond confidently to the changes needed in business and successfully cement them within your organisation.

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